Looking for the right small business phone system.

Looking for the right small business phone system.

Offering Hosted PBX and On-Premise systems,

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Mitel 6867i Business Telephone

Aastracom has you covered.  We can help you in finding the right small business phone system for your company.  Many customers enjoy having a worry fee hosted PBX, not only because it’s cost effective but has advanced features, like allow them to interconnect offices from across town and across the world.   Some customers may not have a reliable internet connection to support the Hosted PBX and require an on-premise solution.  At Aastracom we have been selling business telephone system and service for over 25-years.  So we love the old on-premise system but also understand the needs of our customers that do not have the IT staff to support them.  We have the support team waiting to assist you.

For on-premise business telephone systems, we offer solutions from Cisco, NEC, Avaya, Panasonic, ATT, Digium, FreePBX, Nortel, and others.  We try to match our customer needs to the equipment that best meets their demanding needs.

Information for Hosted Business Telephone Systems, check out our wired IP Business Telephones

Information for On-Premise Business Telephone Systems

Contact an Aastracom communication consulting to discuss your exact needs.  844-420-VOIP

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