Purchasing a New Business Telephone System?

Things to think about when purchasing a new telephone system for your small or medium-size business.

#1.  The Number One question, Hosted or On-Premise.  Click here if you need more information on the differences.

#2.  Do you need telephones with built-in network switches?  Click here in you need more information on why you may need this option.

#3.  What about wireless?  Do you need to add any portable telephones?  Click here for wireless options.

#4.  What about faxes?  Does this new system support my old fax machine?  Check here for information on Faxing in the age of the IP Phone.

#5.  Paging over the telephone and in the Over Head Paging system?  Click here for information on How to connect to my old paging equipment.

#6.  Door Phone?  Click here for information on our SIP door phones.


Request a free quote or call and speak with a telecom professional about your exact needs.