Cloud VOIP Providers, who are they?

Cloud VOIP Providers, who are they?

They are the replacement of the old fashion Ma Bell.

VOIP is the modern version of the old fashion copper telephone lines.  With VOIP telephone lines the telephone company is not the building down the street from your office anymore, new telephone companies are located in large server hosting centers.  The cloud is just another term for the dedicated hosting centers.

Aastracom is a Cloud VOIP provider of telephone lines and telephone services.

Fiber Network Map

Our Network is built with private fiber connecting most major cities in North America.  Our network is growing every day.  Need a direct connecting to our network?  We can offer you a POP (point of presence) connection in most major cities. Our competitors will not show their network map, why?  I guess there are not as proud as we are of our network.

Contact us now for the best, hosted business telephone system 844-420-VOIP 

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