Avaya emerges from Chapter 11, again.

Avaya emerges from Chapter 11, again.

Denver Colorado-based company, Avaya Communications emerges from a self-inflicted chapter 11 restructuring.

Avaya’s Jim Chirico CEO outlines a focus on emerging technologies.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been in this Chapter 11 process, we were a heavily leveraged company, we had over six billion in debt, we were making significant interest payments quarter-on-quarter.

It’s very hard when you have a debt structure of $6.1 billion to be able to have the flexibility, the freedom, to invest in technologies of the future; frankly, to invest in delivering solutions that our customers require,” he said.


One of the reasons for Avaya’s bankruptcy was to avoid paying Continuant Communications a 60 million dollar verdict.  Avaya, always playing it dirty.


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